Our History

The Sarantopoulos family has its history as a family of hoteliers, a tradition that began in 1966 with developments in the city of Ribeirão Preto.A Greek immigrant who lived in Egypt and served as a seaman in World War II, Mr. Athanase Sarantopoulos was a dreamer. From the land of the pharaohs he saw opportunity in the Americas and chose Brazil as his destination. Graduated in agronomy, as soon as he settled down in our lands, the patriarch practiced the profession traveling through the country. And it was in these comings and goings that he came to know closely the real needs of a traveler and so decided to undertake in the hotel business. He began working at his father-in-law's hotel, Mr. João Constantino Miloná, in Jaú (SP), who also owned the Humuarama Hotel in downtown Ribeirão Preto.

In a few years, Athanase acquired the hotel from his father-in-law and then sold the operation in Jaú, directing his investments towards the creation of the Black Stream Hotel, in Ribeirão Preto, where he settled. People who worked with Athanase tell about their dedication and responsibility to the business front, as well as their determination to make the Black Stream Hotel a great example of the art of serving. From concern for every detail, to attention to the guest who is away from home. Sarantopoulos defined a standard of care that marked his administration. The welcome was so important to him that the Black Stream Hotel offered fresh coffee and juice, accompanied by cake, to the guest who arrived at the hotel. In the apartments there was a vase with flowers for the guests and for breakfast every woman received a rose. Waitresses worked barefoot on the floor of the cafe to make no noise that could disrupt the rest of the guests.

Seeing beyond its time, Athanase set up in the Black Stream's bar, the first art gallery of the city and there promoted weekly meetings with the local artists. Together with the artist Bassano Vaccarini, he developed works of art unique to the hotel and created the design of the uniforms used by the employees, among other details. They were known for the vanguard and daring.

The Black Stream Hotel is a landmark for the city. Mr. Athanase and Mrs. Helena, his wife, completed their assignment and left in 1974 five children and the hotel, one of them is Saranti who, assisted by Mr. Otávio de Souza Silveira, started the business. With the bold and enterprising vision inherited from her father, she expanded the operation by creating the Stream Palace Hotel in 1979, in order to serve a more sophisticated clientele.

The project had the unconditional support of her sister Ana Hilayali, current director, and thus, Stream Palace has become the best hotel in the city, recognized for the excellence of its services. With a strategic location and 116 luxury rooms, the hotel offers 24-hour room service, fiber-optic wi-fi, a full convention center for up to 600 people, business center, swimming pool, sauna, gym and in the area Gastronomic, the international concept of Restaurant Athenas as well as the best breakfast in Brazil. The Stream Hotels group always has the best option with everything the guest needs, close to everything.