Social & Sustainable

O Hotel Stream Palace apoia diversos Projetos Sociais:


Aware of the importance of giving back to society part of what it has provided for its growth, Stream Hotels Group makes a point of participating in projects with a reach within the community. Supports the NGO Síndrome do Amor (, which provides assistance to the families of children with severe genetic syndromes who come to the hospitals of Ribeirão Preto for help.

It also supports the Hospital of Rearguard Francisco de Assis, with donations of mattresses, furniture and bedding, and the Black Tie Buffet to carry out, each year, the famous Francisco's Chicken in favor of the institution (

The Group also supports causes such as Pink October ( raising awareness about the importance of breast cancer prevention. With the same enthusiasm, she supports the Green November ( in solidarity with the Charcot Marie Tooth-CMT syndrome. It also supports World AIDS Day.


Stream Hotel Group maintains a project for the reuse of towels in rooms where the guest, when reusing his own towel (if he so wishes), avoids the unnecessary consumption of water and energy.

On the floors, of the hotels there are energy saving light sensors in the corridors and common areas. In the rooms, the sensor card system allows the light and television to be turned off automatically when the guest leaves the unit. The buildings also have a solar energy collection system for heating the water in the rooms.